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Robert : ロバート
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イギリス人英会話講師 Robert ロバート 札幌
Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Robert and I'm from Dundee, Scotland(U.K.). Shortly after graduating in Physics, at university, I decided to come to Japan. I spent my first two years in Kitakyushu before deciding to move to Sapporo in 2006. The main reason for my move was the summers down south. Sapporo has a very similar climate to my country so I enjoy it very much. I enjoy playing many kinds of different sports, with my favourites being football(soccer) and golf. There are many things that have kept me in Japan, including the people and the food. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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イギリス人英会話講師:Robert ロバート英語日記

Space Balls

2017年10月19日 (木)

Space Balls


For all you Starwars fans this is the ultimate comedy parody staring two of the best 80`s comedy actors, Rick Moranis and John Candy. Penned by Mel Brooks it is a relentless series of childish jokes and overacting, which just works. It treads a line between stupid and terrible but always saves itself and manages to be entertaining throughout. I especially enjoyed the tap dancing alien chest burster scene at the end of the movie (this is not a spoiler as it has no relevance to the story) and the very unsubtle swipe at the merchandising that followed the Starwars franchise.

Childish, puerile, call it what you will but this is classic 80`s entertainment and highly recommended.


Rating 8/10 (It is a little dated)


Parody – to make fun of something by copying it in a funny or humorous way.

Relentless – will not stop

Over acting – to act in an over the top / over dramatic way.

Unsubtle – obvious, easy to see

Puerile – simple and childlike


Fat City

2017年9月25日 (月)



While browsing through the cable TV guide I stumbled across this 1982 arthouse film by John Huston. Set in California’s dilapidated ( and soon to be destroyed ) skid row this film follows the realities of small time boxers. It follows the misfortunes of an alcoholic washed-up boxer who spots a young talented boxer (Jeff Bridges) and their attempts at trying to make it in the boxing world.

Although short in length this film was very effective in bringing the gritty misery and sadness of their lives. It was laced with understated humour and a very powerful performance by Susan Tyrell as the alcoholic wife of one of the boxers. The acting, direction, casting and location were excellent and I was left wanting to watch more, and although it finished all too soon the abrupt ending worked extremely well.

One of those rare understated films that leaves a lasting impression, I shall be hunting down more John Huston films in the future.


Review Score 10/10


Dilapidated – Rundown, dirty, broken.

Skidrow – poor area of downtown L.A.

Small time – non professional

Washed up – no longer good at what you do

Understated – not obvious, quiet

To be laced with – to have something mixed into it

Abrupt- sudden


The Hobbit

2017年9月6日 (水)

Another mainstay of the British child’s canon, a short book that nearly all British children read as kids. So I was very dubious of it being made into a trilogy stretching over 9 hours, and I was right to be cynical. A short novel that has been padded out with unnecessary love stories, musical numbers and extended fighting sequences, this was not a good addition to Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. A cynical cash cow, which although well acted, couldn’t disguise the bloated script and over the top computer effects. Although disappointing for fans of the book, it did have some moments of redemption, provided mostly by the fact it had such a big budget. Slow, plodding and dark it’s tough going through the three films but it you have a spare couple of days and you like Tolkien’s universe then it’s an enjoyable escape.

Only for die hard fantasy film fans because its slow, dark and at times soporific and childish.


Review score 6/10


A canon – A collection or list of sacred books/music

Dubious / Cynical – not trusting something fully. Wary of something.

To be padded out – have unnecessary material added

Trilogy – collection of three stories

Cash cow – a device for making money

Redemption – To find salvation, something that saves you from sin.

A die hard fan – someone who loves the subject.


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