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イギリス人英会話講師 Robert ロバート 札幌
Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Robert and I'm from Dundee, Scotland(U.K.). Shortly after graduating in Physics, at university, I decided to come to Japan. I spent my first two years in Kitakyushu before deciding to move to Sapporo in 2006. The main reason for my move was the summers down south. Sapporo has a very similar climate to my country so I enjoy it very much. I enjoy playing many kinds of different sports, with my favourites being football(soccer) and golf. There are many things that have kept me in Japan, including the people and the food. I look forward to seeing you soon.
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イギリス人英会話講師:Robert ロバート英語日記

Stream of unconscious

2018年8月2日 (木)

Recently I joined the cult of Netflix which is slowly taking over the world of streaming television with its huge selection of tv shows and movies. I gave it a shot and unfortunately, I was hooked. The movie selection leaves a lot to be desired but the selection of tv dramas is impressive and more than I could watch in a lifetime. You are also able to download content to your mobile device and watch it on the go, so my lunch times are now full of drama. They make their own shows as well which are mostly awful although there are a few are pretty good ones once you sift through the deadwood, including The Crown which has replaced the hole that Downton Abbey had left. I may yet cancel it, as it eats up my spare time but for the moment I guess I will binge-watch just a few more series.


For the love of football

2018年7月16日 (月)

Well that’s it, the world cup was the usual roller coaster of emotions for any English fan. The negative build up, everyone writing off the team before it had begun, the euphoria of actually getting past the first round, a slow building belief that this could be the year, and then the final crushing disappointment of seeing them splutter out in the final minutes of a game they began by dominating. This year was, as many people have commented, when England had a chance. Or so they thought. But for me, a seasoned pessimist it was another nail in the coffin of my enthusiasm for a game I love. Still, it’s a game of two halves and maybe one day we`ll be able to win both of them. I would so like to see a second star above the three lions.


Euphoria – Feeling of extreme happiness

Pessimist – To think in a negative way

Nail in the coffin – one step closer to the end


Priority Seats

2018年6月26日 (火)

I was recently hit by ill health, which came out of the blue with no known cause. My knee became swollen and I had to walk with the aid of a stick. I was unable to walk far and for the first time in my life I was disabled. I had to sit on priority seats on the tram and use elevators and escalators as I couldn’t manage the stairs. It gave me a window into the world of the disabled and how some people are very helpful whilst others aren’t. I found that young people would willingly give up their seat for me on public transport, but middle-aged people tended to pretend not to see me. Old people also were mostly unwilling to give up their seat even when I was struggling to stand. I was a little surprised by this behavior as I assumed Japanese people to be polite, but it appears this doesn’t extend to public transport. Although I have now recovered and no longer need a stick, it has given me a much bigger appreciation of how hard it is for disabled people to get around, and that we should all do everything we can to make their lives less difficult. So the next time you are tired on the train and see someone who needs a seat don’t just pretend to sleep, give up your seat because one day it could be you standing there.


Come out of the blue – Unexpected

Aid of – help of

A stick – A stick to help with walking

Disabled – to have a health problem that stops you being able to move or function properly.

Willingly – happily, without effort

Unwilling – refuse to do

To appreciate – to understand

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